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We review clients’ projects for verification and obtain citations that go beyond regular online searches.



A unique guided resource map for intrepid knowledge explorers who need aid exploring their own topics.



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The Battle of Korsun-Cherkassy Pocket

A World War II Soviet and German battle in the Ukraine. Obtaining accurate troop numbers and key strategic battles for a table top game developer.

Ebru, Turkish Water Painting

Provide an overview report to a journalist who is interviewing a Turkish water painting artist.

P.T. Barnum – Hoaxes, Showmanship and Cryptozoology

Overview research to present at large multimedia convention.

“The distinguishing marker about her work is that she provides knowledge, not just an information dump, making the connections I wouldn’t otherwise see.”
JIM ALABISO, Writer, Jumping Fish
“Roxanne provided additional sources for me to scrutinize beyond her research, enabling her intuitive research to continue beyond the thorough report she provided.”
HURLEY WINKLER, Managing Editor, Perversion Magazine
“After the first paragraph I could not stop reading. The author William Simpler, made my request (Mother Theresa) interesting and easy to read. Thank you Intuitive Research!!!”


22Aug 2018

Dragon Con 2018- The best time of the year

85,000 fans of sci-fi and fantasy will descend upon the very welcoming Atlanta, GA for four days (six for some) of cos-play, watching guests, attending informative and fun panels. I will be attending this year's convention officially as an Attending Professional. Below is a list of my schedule for this [...]

13Sep 2017

It has been a great number of weeks and then Irma Hit

A quick update: A busy number of weeks and then Hurricane Irma hits us. Power and internet throughout the storm. Then a loss of Internet on Monday. Working at coffee shops and people who have internet. A trip to Utrecht in the Netherlands. They certainly do to things differently from [...]