Roxanne created Spazhouse, LLC, Intuitive Research out of the 20 years experience as a successful art director.

Art direction is creative problem solving. In order to create new and innovative print material, one has to utilize, creative, critical and thinking outside of the box to come up with creative solutions.

Part of the process is to think about the problem then preform various types of research. A good art director has a handle on various and unique topics. With a keen eye for looking for patterns and information and the love of delving and exploring that gave birth to Spazhouse, LLC • Intuitive Research.

There are many times when a client is too close to their subject matter. With fresh eyes and a healthy dose of curiosity, we are able to assist our clients in ways they may not have realized as possible.

Roxanne is experienced as a community leader. Drawing upon her association as a Friend of Willowbranch library, part of the Jacksonville Public Library, Roxanne is able to think in an open minded way, allowing her to serve her community in unique ways. While connecting with her community, Roxanne takes research out of the building and connects with experts in their fields to assist in helping her clients. Knowing who to talk to and how to formulate the right questions is key to connecting with experts.

Roxanne graduated from SUNY Binghamton. With her degree was a BA in graphic design, Roxanne utilized her education to gain learning in a broader sense. History and art history, and several science courses thrown in because “they seemed ininteresting”.

AA Degree, Suny Broome
BA SUNY Binghamton

20 years problem solving, administration and management.
Creative, critical thought.
She is also, a writer, blogger and podcaster, traveler and artist.


Bill is a native of Boston. While not a Brahmin, he was raised Roman Catholic, he identifies with the City of Boston’s vast academic and cultural richness. Curious by nature, Bill finds that he is a “tourist” anywhere he goes — whether it’s downtown Boston exploring both new and old architecture or finding himself in an obscure tapestry manufacturing museum in an obscure part of Madrid, Spain well off the beaten path of American and European tourists.

Bill is a graduate of Boston College. Recalling Freshman Orientation he recalls Fr. Monan tell the incoming group that BC is 1. Not in Boston (it’s in Newton, MA), and 2. It’s not a college but a University comprised of several schools and colleges.” Bill was a true Liberal Arts major at one of the country’s finest liberal arts institutions, studying Romance Languages and the History of Art. With a particular focus on Spanish language and culture he spent a year studying in Madrid and traveling through the Iberian peninsula and western Europe. While at BC Bill’s interest and training in research was developed. His focus during his undergraduate studies was Spanish art, literature, politics and culture of Spain’s Golden Age.

Bill has held several key administrative roles in both large and smaller organizations in the greater Boston area. His interests have led him to continue to grow and develop as a professional. With key focus on business administration, finance and human resource management, he has established himself as a resourceful professional. He believes still that a well-rounded individual makes the best contributor — whether it be a corporate meeting or simply a robust discussion over a cup of really good coffee.