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29 Sep 2016

Computers; Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

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Through the Lens - Spazhouse's look at the past and and its effect on us today. In the Past Computers, Can’t live with them. Today, can’t living without them. For movie fans the film “Desk Set” with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy is a marvel. The witty banter, the ease at which the costars connect. The [...]

22 Sep 2016

Knowledge, Wisdom, and Reverence

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by Bill Simpler, Spazhouse Analyst and Consultant On the heels of my research into the canonization of Mother Teresa I  continued to examine the concept of saints and sainthood in the Roman Catholic Church.  At the same time Roxanne and web designer deity, Caryl Butterley ( were developing this website (the new home of Spazhouse, LLC - Intuitive Research) and I [...]

21 Sep 2016

3 Lies that will keep you from Pursuing your Passion. My Thoughts

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My thoughts on the article 3 Lies that will keep you from Pursuing your Passion. How to find your passion by Jeff Goins This article was on my Article catcher du jour. From Jeff Goins, these are the lies we tell ourselves from keeping us from doing we are passionate about. Lie #1 I Don’t [...]