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30 Dec 2016

A New Year Looms

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New Year looms, Brong, Brong, Brong. We are all scoping out any and all internet wisdom pertaining to becoming a better person. People commit themselves to The New Year’s Resolution. The day of the year that can cause more anxiety than one would think. Now that one had overspent or over indulged, guilt set it. [...]

21 Dec 2016

Floating Network – moving away from normal networking

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Start ups, entrepreneurs and business in general are inundated theories and opinions on the best way to network. Working to create an online social media network of people of companies who may enhance your reach. Networking to me seems very flat. In my mind’e eye this word evokes a visually flat web. You are in [...]

9 Dec 2016

Bikes and Brooms – A lesson in Magic and Physics

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“I like your broom.” “Sorry, what?” I said looking a bit confused by my barista’s comment. “Your bike.” “Oh, ah thanks.” I look out to where I locked my bike up. The comment sinks in. I have been commuting by bicycle forever. I mean that. I am fifty-two years old and I have never owned [...]

6 Dec 2016

It is Scam Season – Breathe, it will be okay

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We are full in  the holiday season and it's also scammer season. It about noontime and I check my email. I received an email supposedly from PayPal, stating that my account has been suspended. When you get notifications like this, your body reacts. Heart racing, fight or flight kicks in, your mind in a whirl. Crap! Thoughts of [...]

5 Dec 2016

Owning Time and Space

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"If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves." - Maria Edgeworth (1767-1849) “I want to be like you when I retire.” This was said to me by the Megabus driver as I waited leisurely for my cousin’s bus to depart. To be honest I was not retired, just on [...]