30 Jan 2019

Wine Not! Adventures in Wine Research

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It has been exciting over the last number of months working with a very great startup client, Dock Schwarz Wine Jelly. This small upstate New York company, located in Gardiner, New York makes their own wine and then turns it into wine jelly. Doc Schwarz is a two time county fair winner that has been [...]

22 Aug 2018

Dragon Con 2018- The best time of the year

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85,000 fans of sci-fi and fantasy will descend upon the very welcoming Atlanta, GA for four days (six for some) of cos-play, watching guests, attending informative and fun panels. I will be attending this year's convention officially as an Attending Professional. Below is a list of my schedule for this year's dragon Con. The panel [...]

13 Sep 2017

It has been a great number of weeks and then Irma Hit

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A quick update: A busy number of weeks and then Hurricane Irma hits us. Power and internet throughout the storm. Then a loss of Internet on Monday. Working at coffee shops and people who have internet. A trip to Utrecht in the Netherlands. They certainly do to things differently from us. The last couple of [...]

5 Jun 2017

Victory! While Using Research!

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Last week I spent time at Apex Theatre Studio assisting with their summer camp week dedicated to Superheroes, comic and staged combat. I have the fun role of Occupational Superhero Consultant. What is that you ask? The idea of this week’s camp is to allow young campers through the art of comic book story telling, [...]

22 May 2017

Current Popular Magazines on your Tablet – For Free

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Were you aware that many library’s in the US now have access to digital access to the most popular magazine for patrons to download to read?  For Free? There is a catch? It is a simple catch. You need to have a library card and a tablet. It’s that simple. Libraries across the country are embracing [...]

8 May 2017

Spazhouse Research Project: Why live in Riverside-Avondale?

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In 2010 Riverside-Avondale was named one of the top ten neighborhoods to live in the US. But, I have been wondering a lot longer over the years of why is our area of Riverside Avondale is so vibrant. So, I have decided after so long of pondering the why question about my neighborhood, I have decided to [...]

22 Feb 2017

Unsolicited Rejection (Letter)

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Dear Ms. Henkle, Thank you for your interest and submission to work for CrossGen Comics. However, your submission to our company is not the style CrossGen is pursuing at the time. Good luck with all your future endeavors, CrossGen Comics Dear CrossGen Comics, Thank you kindly for the rejection letter. I am amused and puzzled as [...]

25 Jan 2017

Do You feel Lucky? Never Underestimate luck in your life

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I enjoy reading the magazine Nautilus. Their monthly issue stories are thematic. This month's articles are all about Luck. There is an excellently good article about not taking luck for granted.  The article titled "Don't Tell your Friends Their are Lucky" written by Bob Henderson focuses on the chances and incidents that occur in our lives [...]

23 Jan 2017

Italian Time. My New Mindset

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“What time do we need to be there? Won’t we be late?” “No need to worry, we are on Italian Time.” “Sorry, what?” “The event starts when it starts . Meaning it will be late. That is guaranteed. People will mingle and visit. Then the presentation will start”, said my boy friend. That was exactly [...]

9 Jan 2017

Review: Killswitch and Lo and Behold. Two films about the internet

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On the heels of my recommendation on Morozov’s Net Delusion recommendation, I have watched two documentaries that look at our relationship with the internet. I watched Ali Akbarzadeh’s "Killswitch" and Werner Herzog’s “Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World”. I have now watched “Killswitch” twice and took in Herzog’s film by breaking up my [...]