New Year looms, Brong, Brong, Brong.

We are all scoping out any and all internet wisdom pertaining to becoming a better person. People commit themselves to The New Year’s Resolution. The day of the year that can cause more anxiety than one would think.

Now that one had overspent or over indulged, guilt set it. Before you take the guilt road. Ask yourself, “Did you enjoy your family while inducing?” Did you listen politely to Uncle Larry’s tales, you have heard over and over? Were you present? Did you remember people in your neighborhood or send a card to a relative who is alone? You are on the path of being a better person.

But where did the New Year’s resolution come about? The New Year’s resolution is quite ancient. According to Wikipedia the Babylonians and Romans used the new year to return borrowed objects (I finally got the ladder back to my neighbor) and pay debts they owed to others. (I signed up with a new healthcare provider) I am gathering in my items together for tax season. I know several people struck by loss this holiday season and have made a point to reach out and make them feel less lonely.

For me I use other parts of the year to make my changes. Or I should say it was events in my life that created me to make drastic changes for the better. The loss of my partner was right before Halloween three years ago, made me look at my life. His death created an apocalyptic landscape in my mind’s eye. I found that the life we had was an illusion and a house of cards that collapsed. Houses made of cards a

I did however, leave a toxic job situation at the marked first of the year. But I never intended it to be a New Year’s resolution thing. I did come across a great read on Medium about taking stock at the end of the year. Reflection upon what the highs and lows were. I took note and will ponder this in my personal daily notes.

There are things one can do that may not give you the anxiety of making a New Year’s resolution.

Did you get your health coverage squared away? I work for myself and I do have to look after my own health. A good time to make appointments for a check up with doctors and dentists.

Reach out to someone who have not seen in sometime. Take the opportunity to meet for coffee if you have the time. Most people scoot out early for the day

Start thinking about tax time. Did you have expenditures? Make note of that.

Buy a calendar. Book stores are abound with 50% off calendars.

Do not hang that calendar up until the first. That is bad luck. (If you believe in that). Clear out clutter.

Did you get new items from Santa? Make a donation of your unwanted items. Clear out some clutter if you have it. If you have not donated to a charitable nonprofit. Do so for the tax benefit. You can receive tax benefit on donating articles of clothing. See which ones will write a receipt.

Check upon your investments. This is important. Last year, I had some very decent capital gains at the end of the year. Early in January of the new year, those gains were wiped. Be aware of losses and gains. Talk to your financial advisor and CPA.

Write to people in your circle. Be it a thank you card, or new year card. Do this. The act of writing, will give you the mental health benefit of reflecting with gratitude why this person is so important in your life.

Happy New Year, Rox of Spazhouse