6 Dec 2016

It is Scam Season – Breathe, it will be okay

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We are full in  the holiday season and it's also scammer season. It about noontime and I check my email. I received an email supposedly from PayPal, stating that my account has been suspended. When you get notifications like this, your body reacts. Heart racing, fight or flight kicks in, your mind in a whirl. Crap! Thoughts of [...]

5 Dec 2016

Owning Time and Space

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"If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves." - Maria Edgeworth (1767-1849) “I want to be like you when I retire.” This was said to me by the Megabus driver as I waited leisurely for my cousin’s bus to depart. To be honest I was not retired, just on [...]

30 Nov 2016

My Commute

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We all need to find away to get to work. However you get to work, there is a commute. For me, I spent the last thirty years on a bike in all forms of weather, heat, rain and even snow. Fenders keep your back and bike clean. I, like many people the world over gird [...]

14 Nov 2016

Cost vs Value: Venturing out of your home office for coffee

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All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual. Albert Einstein “Do you know how much it cost me to come here and meet you for coffee?” I overheard the above statement at my field office of Spazhouse, Intuitive Research, housed in a lovely coffee shop near my [...]

8 Nov 2016

It’s called listening for a reason.

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What do we live for if it is not to make life less difficult for each other? George Eliot A client emailed me and needed a copies from a project I just completed for them, something very simple. Quick copies on my list and I could personally drop it off and finish my day. At the doorstep [...]

3 Nov 2016

Magic of problem solving with a small crowd.

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I live in the kind of  neighborhood where you can discard your unwanted furniture, and excess, those stressful reminders that you have too much to the street. Magically, those items you no longer need are whisked away, gone. A an amazing magic trick. Sometimes, however, you will encounter people who need your stuff. This is a stark reminder that [...]

14 Oct 2016

Dear young 21-year old person (2008) or your future self, (2016),

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Dear young 21-year old person (2008) or your future self, (2016), I hope you are well. I can only wish that your life, whatever year your life of your 21st birthday occurred is bringing you the blessings of a career you love. I hope no catastrophe or ill health has plagued you. I am writing [...]

11 Oct 2016

The Quick Descent into Complaining

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We dodged a cannonball. I live in Jacksonville, Florida, we had been under the threat of Hurricane Matthew for a number of days. A very large and potentially horrendous storm that could have been disastrous if it moved to the west just a number of miles. Normal lives stopped and everyone when into survival mode. [...]

6 Oct 2016

October, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

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October is our busy and favorite time of the year. Our main project is to assist and their 32 Days of Halloween programming, articles and updates for Halloween goodness. This time of the year holds the most magic. Autumn leaves bursting into color as if they were on fire, then diminish, the desiccated leaves [...]

3 Oct 2016

I am Rewiring my Brain in my 50s

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“What’s this Font?” My co-worker held up a battered bit of printing. With a piercing glance and no hesitation, I replied, “Caslon.” My co-worker rifled through a font book and announced, “You’re right.” I knew this because, I built up in my head a vast library of fonts and layout designs over the course of [...]