Nautilus Magazine

25 Jan 2017

Do You feel Lucky? Never Underestimate luck in your life

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I enjoy reading the magazine Nautilus. Their monthly issue stories are thematic. This month's articles are all about Luck. There is an excellently good article about not taking luck for granted.  The article titled "Don't Tell your Friends Their are Lucky" written by Bob Henderson focuses on the chances and incidents that occur in our lives [...]

3 Oct 2016

I am Rewiring my Brain in my 50s

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“What’s this Font?” My co-worker held up a battered bit of printing. With a piercing glance and no hesitation, I replied, “Caslon.” My co-worker rifled through a font book and announced, “You’re right.” I knew this because, I built up in my head a vast library of fonts and layout designs over the course of [...]