October is our busy and favorite time of the year. Our main project is to assist www.needcoffee.com and their 32 Days of Halloween programming, articles and updates for Halloween goodness.

This time of the year holds the most magic. Autumn leaves bursting into color as if they were on fire, then diminish, the desiccated leaves fall in mounds to the ground, only to be trampled and crunched under foot. It’s magic the sights, sounds and smell. Over the centuries autumn has been celebrated with festivals to give thanks to the harvest and to prepare for the long cold, dark that of winter.

What we do, is not a mere cursory search for horror flicks, books and other seasonal ephemera to post upon. We take our task seriously, because we love everything about this season. Cracking open beloved tomes that will assist unearthing movies that have not been seen in decades, books that visitors to the sight would enjoy, articles and remembrances of creators who fueled our love.

Spazhouse, Intuitive Research has accumulated a choice number of books that we rely on for this type of investigation. A personal favorite on general history pertaining to the season is “Death makes a Holiday” by David Skal. David covers the Celtic and Hispanic origins, Halloween through the ages, to debunking urban myths is a highly entertaining read. Other go to books are “Horror!” by Drake Davis, “An Illustrated History of the Horror Film,” by Carlos Clarens and “The Monster Show,” another book by David Skal.  A few of these books are no longer in print and yet holds nuggets of information that seems new every time our books are delved into.

Using books as a resource for our search is our first step in our work with Need Coffee Dot Com. We then create key words to search on various search engines, (we use several) and YouTube to unearth videos and films that may not have been seen in decades. Articles and books about Halloween are reviewed and passed on to the growing fans of 32 Days of Halloween on Need Coffee Dot Com.

Enjoy your October,