I enjoy reading the magazine Nautilus. Their monthly issue stories are thematic. This month’s articles are all about Luck.

There is an excellently good article about not taking luck for granted.  The article titled “Don’t Tell your Friends Their are Lucky” written by Bob Henderson focuses on the chances and incidents that occur in our lives that propels us to succeed. From having a teacher that was encouraging to winning the socioeconomic and DNA lottery. All are valid in where we stand in society.

I am a believer in luck and chance. One example and I kid you not, I have the ability to retrieve lost wallets over the years. 9 times out of 10 I have gotten wallets and bags back (with cash and cards still in tact). A couple of the situations were dramatic. One such incident can be viewed as a MacGuffin in a thriller. This is the the luck I am very grateful to have.

The other kind of luck that I am grateful for is the kind that Bob Henderson and economics Professor Robert Frank discussed in the article. I have had the benefit of growing up in a community that the school systems were very good. Parents were middle class and that viewed vacation trips to historic landmarks key to broaden the interest of their five kids. These were also people who also exposed their kids to opera, all kinds of music, (and I mean all kinds) history and community service.  I have the luck of having parents who allowed me to study what I wanted in college. This gave me carde blanche to take advantage of a Liberal Art Education. Studying whatever interested me.

There is a segment in the article about talent and the odds of being chosen among the best of the best and how the law of average plays when you have a search for the most talented person of a confined field. Luck does play a part in selection. It maybe 1% but, it would be enough to choose the right individual.

By creating a firm that handles research and searches for individuals,  it is imperative that I made calculations on how many others performing such a service. With the odds being favorable I still count in the role for chance to be part of the equation. There are ways of increasing your luck odds. Showing up at an event where one may happen upon a potential client or connection is very much in my mindset.


Author Christopher Paolini with Spazhouse director, Roxanne Henkle

I am aware of making these odds calculations while traveling. Once while traveling from a pop culture convention where I was a panelist. Leaving Atlanta, I was in the First class TSA line. Who would I connect with goes though my head. (I also get several free checked in bags so can travel with a bike)  I had a chance encounter with author Christopher Paolini who also attending the convention. We talked ever so briefly about research and writing. My odds were against me if I tried to get this one on one chat at a convention that had over 75,000 in attendance. Luck? Yes absolutely. But my odds were made it better by being in the right place at the right time. And I might add having an interesting button from the show the “Prisoner” on my jacket.

Be open, aware and grateful for your luck. These are keys to successful living.