Board Meeting

A quick update:

A busy number of weeks and then Hurricane Irma hits us. Power and internet throughout the storm. Then a loss of Internet on Monday. Working at coffee shops and people who have internet.

A trip to Utrecht in the Netherlands. They certainly do to things differently from us.

The last couple of months was preparing for Dragon Con in Atlanta. A bit about Dragon Con, it is the Southeast’s largest, (83,000 attendees) fan run convention. If you enjoy cosplay, it is a four day halloween, if yoyo want to hear from your favorite actor, you can to attend celebrity panels or attend fan panels to learn and discuss many different topics.

My schedule was quite varied and quite enjoyable. I  met many wonderful authors and professionals. From the history of Fairy Tales, Mr. Robot and Ethical Hacking, (moderate a panel with Elonka Dunin and Matt Blaze!) the history of Occultism and Spiritualism in the Victorian Era, Deviance and Depravity in the Victorian era, Cryptozoology, (impromtu panel with Bill Brock) Research, Hollywood news, symbolism in the Man in the High Castle, science fiction stories of Arthur Conan Doyle, the show Lost, and interview Deric Hughes of Warehouse 13, now a writer on Flash. Very exciting and research filled as well  plenty of problem solving.

Over the next number of weeks I will be uploading my audio files from many of my panels. Stay tuned, Roxanne


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