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22 Feb 2017

Unsolicited Rejection (Letter)

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Dear Ms. Henkle, Thank you for your interest and submission to work for CrossGen Comics. However, your submission to our company is not the style CrossGen is pursuing at the time. Good luck with all your future endeavors, CrossGen Comics Dear CrossGen Comics, Thank you kindly for the rejection letter. I am amused and puzzled as [...]

31 Jan 2017

The Thank You Note – Communication Made physical

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Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that thankfulness is indeed a virtue. William Bennett (1943-) In these days of the instant message, Twitter, email and Facebook, there are those of us who still value the handwritten letter or note. The handwritten note has tremendous value over the simple emoji used in an instant message.  To [...]

25 Jan 2017

Do You feel Lucky? Never Underestimate luck in your life

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I enjoy reading the magazine Nautilus. Their monthly issue stories are thematic. This month's articles are all about Luck. There is an excellently good article about not taking luck for granted.  The article titled "Don't Tell your Friends Their are Lucky" written by Bob Henderson focuses on the chances and incidents that occur in our lives [...]

23 Jan 2017

Italian Time. My New Mindset

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“What time do we need to be there? Won’t we be late?” “No need to worry, we are on Italian Time.” “Sorry, what?” “The event starts when it starts . Meaning it will be late. That is guaranteed. People will mingle and visit. Then the presentation will start”, said my boy friend. That was exactly [...]

12 Jan 2017

The Spazhouse Company Vehicle

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A few years ago I had the opportunity and pleasure to test ride an e-bike over several weeks, for free. I am a firm supporter of my local neighborhood shops. Prior, I spoke to my local shop about the idea of an electric bike for the future. One day, the owner of Zen Cog bike [...]

9 Jan 2017

Review: Killswitch and Lo and Behold. Two films about the internet

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On the heels of my recommendation on Morozov’s Net Delusion recommendation, I have watched two documentaries that look at our relationship with the internet. I watched Ali Akbarzadeh’s "Killswitch" and Werner Herzog’s “Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World”. I have now watched “Killswitch” twice and took in Herzog’s film by breaking up my [...]

6 Jan 2017

A Timely Read – The Net Delusion, the Dark Side of the Internet Freedom

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It is a new year. A new roster of books to read and documentaries to watch. One such book I am quite interested in is The Net Delusion, the Dark Side of Internet Freedom by Evgeny Morozov. This book, though published in 2011 is quite timely with the on going investigations into allegations of Russia hacking emails [...]

30 Dec 2016

A New Year Looms

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New Year looms, Brong, Brong, Brong. We are all scoping out any and all internet wisdom pertaining to becoming a better person. People commit themselves to The New Year’s Resolution. The day of the year that can cause more anxiety than one would think. Now that one had overspent or over indulged, guilt set it. [...]

21 Dec 2016

Floating Network – moving away from normal networking

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Start ups, entrepreneurs and business in general are inundated theories and opinions on the best way to network. Working to create an online social media network of people of companies who may enhance your reach. Networking to me seems very flat. In my mind’e eye this word evokes a visually flat web. You are in [...]

9 Dec 2016

Bikes and Brooms – A lesson in Magic and Physics

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“I like your broom.” “Sorry, what?” I said looking a bit confused by my barista’s comment. “Your bike.” “Oh, ah thanks.” I look out to where I locked my bike up. The comment sinks in. I have been commuting by bicycle forever. I mean that. I am fifty-two years old and I have never owned [...]