“What time do we need to be there? Won’t we be late?”

“No need to worry, we are on Italian Time.”

“Sorry, what?”

“The event starts when it starts . Meaning it will be late. That is guaranteed. People will mingle and visit. Then the presentation will start”, said my boy friend.

That was exactly how the celebration presentation at this event happened. This celebration was supported by a mission that was founded in Italy. Before the festivities, people mingled and chatted. I was introduced. Children played. More chairs were brought out. Coffee was available. Prayers were said. Eventually the video presentation about a mission in Liberia started. Everyone was happy to be there. Was there a time table? No, not really and that was the point. We were on Italian Time.

I have thought that Florida was a slow pace. (Well, not in the printing field at least) Compared to Italian Time Florida could be seen as the frenetic pace of Manhattan. I was intrigued by this mindset. I searched for others who came in contact with this mindset. A young student by the name of Phillip on http://cimbaitaly.com/phillip/students-assessment-italian-culture/  says this of the mindset of Italy.

“Italians bask in the glow of the past because they have one of the most eventful histories of any country in the world.” He further sstates, “I have noticed that they do not much effort into doing things in a timely fashion. But they can make a delicious pizza in 7 minutes or less! Things are just much more slow-paced in this country, and they will acknowledge this as well.”

I have over the past several months I have adopted this mindset. Not so much as slacking on getting things done, but the use to connect with people. When I meet clients I make it a point to be relax. By relaxing my body and stance, this puts my client at ease. A meeting, especially over coffee is to be enjoyable. I view connecting with people as the first point. Getting to know each other and the needs your client can be addressed in such a fashion. This is not to say have a 2 hour coffee, but it does mean to focus on the other person. Do not pick up your phone, because this person is the most important person at this moment in time.

More example of this mindset called “The Italian Approach vs The American Approach”can found on the Odyssey Online https://www.theodysseyonline.com/italian-approach-american-approach

I now make my weekends to be on Italian Time. By decreasing the stress on needless things I found,  there is enough time to do things at a leisurely pace. No time to cool an ornate meal because you found yourself enjoying a chat with a neighbor longer than expected? Think simple. An omelet dinner can be just as wonderful as a Sunday roast. The important thing are those around you. Take on this mindset and you will find your days feeling much more fulfilled.

Further evidence.

Lunch over the weekend with my boyfriend and his dad, he wondered aloud, where was the cheque? We had a lovely meal and conversation and made new friends. My new mindset kicked in, It was brunch time after all. No rush to get anywhere. The day was lovely.

I said,  “It is okay, We are on Italian Time.”